In preparation for Oct 12th….

On Oct 12th, we will read Roderick McGillis, “Humour and the body in children’s literature,” in The Cambridge Companion to Children’s Literature, Edited by M. O. Grenby and Andrea Immel (Cambridge University Press, 2009): 258-271.

As you know, Blog Assignment #3 involves a short blog post and a 5 minute presentation on a primary source (literary book) that McGillis’s article could address–it does not have to be one of the texts he mentions.

Please sign up for primary texts in the comments below after reading his article.

9 thoughts on “In preparation for Oct 12th….

  1. Stephanie Trinidad

    I’m trying to pick between David Lubar’s short story compliation Wipeout of the Wireless Weenies, which is children’s/middle grade book, or Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On because it is essentially a Harry Potter parody kind of story. One of the things referenced in the article is parody, and of course there was a Harry Potter reference.


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