Secondary Source Schedule

ENGL 80600.

Blog Assignment #2:  Secondary/Theoretical Source Assignment:  Each participant in the seminar will find ONE helpful secondary or theoretical source for ONE of the primary texts during the semester.  Then, you will make this source available to the entire group (in the class dropbox) AT LEAST ONE WEEK before the relevant class session—and post a brief explanation on the class blog about your choice. Here, the sky is the limit.  Consider some interdisciplinary forays into new disciplines and methodologies—everything from dis/ability studies to psychology and sociology and medicine.  Your source doesn’t have to address the primary source for that week, although it can.  You will speak about your choice of secondary text for 5 minutes (but not longer than 5 minutes) during the relevant class session.


September 7th: Palacio, Wonder

Stephanie Trinidad


September 14th:  Tamaki and Tamaki, Skim

Dhipinder Walia

Kristi Fleetwood

Tuesday, September 19th (Thursday schedule): Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe 

Chris Morabito

Francesca Teora


September 28th:

Shusterman, Challenger Deep

Eileen Liang

Christie Sillo


October 5th:

Alexie, Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Alyssa Lyons


Angela Johnson, a cool moonlight

Christian Lewis