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[ Article – Insights from Parents about Caring for a Child with Birth Defects ]

(For some reason I can’t post this to the dropbox, it’s giving me a permission error, so the link should take you to the article and it can be downloaded from the top right corner.)

I wasn’t sure what kind of source to look for when I was taking on this assignment, but I found this interesting because the parents are just as much a part of the book Wonder, as August is. The article itself discusses the struggles of parents who have children born with a birth defect as well as how they advocating better communication with doctors as their children grow up. It’s as much a responsibility for the healthcare professionals as it is for the parents to help the child throughout their lives.

How the parents react to their child is something that is as important as how the child is received in school. That’s one of the reason I chose this particular article.

Something else I found while browsing around looking for the secondary article.

NPR radio did an interview with Robert Hoge for his book Ugly about what it was like growing up with his own deformity, but reading the transcript of the interview he also talks about his mother and how she processed who he was. Which makes me want to read this book after Wonder.

[‘Ugly’: A Memoir Of Childhood, Deformity And Learning To Love A Distinctive Face]



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