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For next week, I wanted to attach the following two articles.  However, I know we are asked to only attach one, so I will be mostly talking about “Affect and the Body,” but I will be pulling in references to “Ideological Interpellation.”

When reading Skim, I was torn about where I wanted to take discussion.  Female friendship and care communities present an interesting point of discussion in relation to Kim and Lisa, Kim and Katie, GCL, and the girls’ school.  But also, bodies and eating disorders play a significant supporting role in the female characters’ development.  Since we have an interesting article on female friendship, I decided to go with body, eating disorders, and identity.

In Patti Luedecke, “Affect and the Body in Melville’s ‘Bartleby’ and Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki’s Skim,” Luedecke explores the way body, consumption, affect, and identity work together in both texts.  By juxtaposing “Bartleby” to Skim, she allows different perceptions of body, identity, and race to be discussed across time, culture, and genre.


Affect and Body in Bartleby and Skim


How to Be Yourself- Ideological Interpellation, Weight Control, and YA Novels


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