Discussion Questions for Skim

Hi everyone, I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the following questions:

  1. I was mesmerized by Skim’s mom’s note that Skim should tell everyone she’s the moon in the school play as opposed to the night sky. For me, it highlights a central question of the text: How and When is Skim made visible? How and when is Skim made invisible? Of course, there are so many approaches we can take in answering this question since this is a graphic novel, but I’m especially interested in visibility of her queerness, her racial identity, and her subcultural identity(ies).
  2. Lisa goes on (and on) about Katie’s “scar” as a girlfriend of someone who has committed suicide. On the other hand, Skim talks about “marks” we all have whether we want them or not. Is there a difference between scars and marks in the texts’ mind? Do you think Lisa’s experiences of scarring are different than Skim’s experiences of “marks?”
  3. I’m obsessed with all of the bathroom scenes in this novel. I don’t know why. This might beĀ such a silly question, but do you find value in a YA novel that gives its readers access to girls talking in the bathroom, washing their hands in the bathroom, etc.? If value is an awkward word, what about is there a reason why we have it in this text?
  4. What is the responsible way to deal with Ms. Archer and Skim’s relationship? On the one hand, I get there’s so much going on there with sexual identity, coming of age, experimentation. But on the other hand, Ms. ArcherĀ totally abuses her power. Right? Am I supposed to forgive her for that because she gives Skim an A and runs away? Because I don’t forgive her. I guess what I’m asking you is, how did you understand their relationship? Is that kiss supposed to be as innocent as Mr. Tushman “not seeing” the bullying that Jack and Auggie experience? Or is it more layered?

See you Thursday!


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