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Don’t forget your final blogging assignment….

Blog Assignment #4: Post on final paper and responses to each other’s post, if writing a final paper:  About a week before you submit your materials for workshop–or before–you should write a 1-2 page post about your final paper and the research you are completing.  I would like everyone to comment on these posts.

I would recommend that everyone get going on this–and do comment on each other’s posts.  It will enhance the workshop experience, which is otherwise going to unfold in Dropbox (and in the classroom of course!).

In preparation for Oct 12th….

On Oct 12th, we will read Roderick McGillis, “Humour and the body in children’s literature,” in The Cambridge Companion to Children’s Literature, Edited by M. O. Grenby and Andrea Immel (Cambridge University Press, 2009): 258-271.

As you know, Blog Assignment #3 involves a short blog post and a 5 minute presentation on a primary source (literary book) that McGillis’s article could address–it does not have to be one of the texts he mentions.

Please sign up for primary texts in the comments below after reading his article.